Monday, November 8, 2010

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY - Defeat Doesn't Exist In The Minds of Winners

"We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist." ~ Queen Victoria.

When faced with challenges and new adventures, many times we focus on the "What ifs?" The problem with the “what if factor” is that it creates worries and images of defeat before we've even begun. I remember the first time I took YOGA some of the postures were a little difficult for me to get into or hold. Thoughts ran through my head like “Is someone looking at me struggle?” or “This is so difficult I’ll never be able to do this correctly.” Fortunately the instructor noticed my “discomfort” and coached me to focus on my breath only and to not focus on the external influences like what other people thought of me in the class. All of these concerns - external concerns - created a sort of worry movie in my head which kept me from performing well. When I began to shift my thinking to what success looked like in my head, my thoughts then moved to how I could take the appropriate steps to get to that level. Eventually, not only did I master the postures, but I can now teach them to others.

So think about this today, what could you achieve if the possibilities of defeat did not exist? What does success look like to you? Focus on the image of success as an end-point and move toward that. You'll soon see that the images of failure and defeat are mere illusions that will soon fade away.

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