Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Month It's Time to Celebrate You!

Although the shortest month of the year, February is a month that packs a punch and leaves a lasting memory that is carried out through the year. February is the month of Superbowl Championships, Presidential Birthdays, Black History, Heart Health, and Body Image Awareness and of course, Love and Romance. But it’s these themes, although highlighted now, that must be practiced and continuously carried out all year long.

February is the month to get back to basics and re-discover you. If the Groundhog’s prognostication is correct as those in the Mid-Atlantic States can attest, we have 6 more weeks of winter and that means 6 more weeks to go internal and work on you. Take this time to honour you and to celebrate who you are so that when the warmth of spring arrives, you too will be able to display your natural inner and outer beauty just as the budding flowers outdoors.

This month focus on:
• Building strong relationships, not just with others, but with yourself as well
• Doing something fun, off the wall and totally out of your character
• Learning a new fact
• Trying out a new heart healthy recipe
• Saying I love you, not only to others, but to yourself every morning, every afternoon, every evening and the hours in between.

This is your time. Embrace it and Celebrate YOU!

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