Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 Simple Ways to Beat the Resolution Drop-off

It's February and only a few weeks into the New Year. The parking lot is still at capacity on most days at the health club, but this is about the time that we begin to see the numbers start to drop. We've set our resolutions at the beginning of the year, but what do we need to do to make certain that we stick with it?

1. Review and revise current goals: Set real goals and make certain that they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timed (SMART). Rather than say I want to lose weight, change it to "I want to lose 3 dress sizes by Suzy's wedding in June". This makes the goal real as it can be measured and you now have a deadline.

2. Make yourself a priority: why should anyone else be more important than you? If you can commit to a dental appointment, why not commit to you? Is a root canal really more inviting than your own company? Commit to an appointment with yourself to get fit and stay healthy.

3. Commit to movement: you don't have to go to the gym. Inspired by Dancing with the Stars? Sign up for a dance class. Dancing burns a considerable amount of calories, AND it's fun! Break out of your good girl shell and get a little naughty by participating in a "pole dancing" class. They're fun, empowering and are great for toning and firming the entire body.

4. Try new hobbies: choose 3 things that you've been wanting to try and schedule them out. This way, you're doing something new each month and adding variety to your schedule. Nothing can be more daunting than realizing that you have to run on the treadmill AGAIN for the twentieth time this month! Sounds like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day! Here’s a sample schedule:

February: Ballroom Dance Lessons

March: Pilates Lessons

April: Golf Lessons

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