Monday, January 17, 2011

Measuring Your Way to Success!

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.” ~ Galileo

One of the biggest reasons that people experience “fall off” from their intended programs or routines is that they haven’t made their goals MEASUREABLE. As the adage goes, “What gets measured , gets done” – setting a way to quantify your progress lets you know how you’re doing along the way and sets the stage for means to identify potential areas for improvement. Think about it this way, one of the ways that a parent keeps track of their child’s growth along the way is to periodically have that child stand against a wall and make markings to identify how tall he/she is. Financially, we determine the strength of a stock by how well it performs each day and subsequently looking at trends over time whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Whatever way you look at it, measurements help us track progress. The same applies when it comes to our health and fitness. When setting your goals ask yourself this question “Is this measureable?” If it’s not, then make it so. Here’s an example:

GOAL: “I want to have more energy?” This statement alone is not measureable, but it can be made into something that can be measured by going deeper and asking more questions of that goal such as: “How can I measure my energy levels so that I know that my energy has increased?” “How many flights of stairs can I climb before I get winded, or how far can I walk or run before it becomes too much to handle?” By doing this, you begin to set the parameters for making your overall goal MEASUREABLE which ultimately leads to your success.

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