Friday, December 18, 2009


In part III of our Holiday Fitness Series, we focus on the importance of your commitment to you.

Commit to being fit! As the old adage goes “fail to plan, plan to fail”. The same approach can be taken when considering your fitness goals around the holidays. Many of us know that we have parties to attend, so we plan specifically for those events. We do so by purchasing that perfect LBD (little black dress) with coordinating accessories, we make the necessary appointments with the Manicurist to beautify the hands, the Esthetician for the brow wax, and of course the Hair Stylist for the perfect coiffure to top off the entire ensemble. If there is shopping to be done, we know that it must absolutely be completed by the time you see the intended recipients of your holiday generosity. So how exactly do we plan for holiday fitness? In the same manner that you would a party, shopping or any other “need to do” item. You have to commit to it and commit to getting it done.

1.Schedule workouts in advance. This may require some juggling on your part, workouts that are typically done at lunch or in the evening may have to be shifted to the morning.

2.Mini-workouts for maintenance. If your holiday schedule doesn't allow for the usual length of time for your full workouts, incorporate mini-workout sessions. 30 minute sessions allow enough to time to burn calories and keep the metabolism stoked.

3.One on one. If you have the ability to work with a personal trainer, schedule your appointments. This way you have someone waiting on you who will hold you accountable for your attendance. With the cases of many personal trainers, “no shows” are still charged for their sessions. Why waste the money, get in there work it out, and then hit the stores or parties.

4.Work it out in groups. Group Fitness classes offer you the added support system of a group and the energy of others around you. What are your favourite group fitness classes? Make that a priority. Team up with other members in the class and hold each one of you accountable for showing up. Send reminders to one another via Facebook, Twitter or text to help keep you on track. Need a moment to breathe? Now would be a perfect time to include a Yoga or Pilates class in your fitness routine to help you do just that.

5. Commit to YOU! In the same manner that we’ll schedule appointments with our stylist, barber, or manicurist and will NOT break them under any circumstances, schedule YOURSELF in your appointment books and DO NOT BREAK the appointment. Consider your appointment like any other important meeting in your planer and when tempted to break it, ask yourself “Why should anything else be more important than me and my health?”

6.Relax and breathe! Be sure to give yourself get away time to breathe. Depending on your schedule, that get-away could be 5 minutes, an hour, a day or more. Work with what’s good for you but be sure to do it. A little breath goes a long way.

The holidays can be a very stressful time, but they don’t have to be. Keep things into perspective by remembering why we celebrate the holidays in the first place. We treasure this time because it’s a beautiful time to spend with our families and friends. It’s about creating memorable moments that we’ll treasure for a lifetime. Have fun, enjoy. But as we’re celebrating and cherishing moments with others, we must also remember to cherish ourselves. During this holiday season, take the time to remember the importance of your being, commit to your health and wellness and ultimately, don’t forget to commit to you.


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