Saturday, November 28, 2009

NFL and White House Commit to Tackle Childhood Obesity With New Holiday PSA

We've seen the headlines "Childhood Obesity at Epidemic Levels in the U.S." We've heard the statistics report that 25-32 million children in America are considered obese. This is primarily due to poor dietary habits and lack of exercise. The combination of fast foods diets and sedentary lifestyles that many of our children have are creating a generation of children who are beginning to see illnesses that were once only common in adults such as: Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease.

Committed to helping to “tackle” childhood obesity, since 2007, the NFL has committed $200 million to youth health and fitness via athletic programming, grants and media air time. This holiday season, the NFL via their Play 60 campaign has teamed up with the White House's United We Serve initiative to encourage children to become active 60 min/day to help reverse these levels. This new partnership is an extension of their commitment to help address these issues. Community Service does not just stop at donating to the poor or giving to charitable causes; it is also about what goes on in our own communities, our own backyards. In this case, it’s helping our children live healthier lifestyles today so that they can be healthier adults tomorrow. Check out the PSA that aired Thanksgiving and will continue to air during the holiday season...

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